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The PDW9 would make Warden a more viable Defender

2020.05.11 04:46 LilSalmon- The PDW9 would make Warden a more viable Defender

I know there is a fundamental issue with how Warden's gadget performs and there's been so many suggestions around how to improve it to make him a more consistent pick on defence (my personal favorite is giving him some level of passive flash immunity with gadget activation increasing it and giving him smoke vision) but the thing that compounds the decision is that his kit just isn't that impressive and tweaking gadgets takes time and iterations to get it right, whereas we know Ubisoft can add guns to operator loadouts relatively easily.
I like the MPX a lot, but if I want to use it I choose Valk - I'm sure a lot of you saw Matimio's Sunday Mailbox this morning and I was thinking after that about what I'd want to see on him and was looking through potential weapons and it sort of occurred to me that the PDW9 from Jackal is the perfect fit for him. Disclaimer: I'm not a gun buff, nor am I well versed on what Secret Servise agents use in real life so my suggestion has no-relavance to that.
There's been plenty of discussions around this and it's been mentioned in the past, although they mostly occurred prior to other changes he's received.
So why do I think the PDW9 is the best fit for Warden? I was looking through defender weapons, in particular the ones that people gravitate towards and there are 4 that stand out to me: 416-C, K1A, Commando 9 and ALDA 5.56. In comparison to these, the PDW9 fits in really well, as well as the fact it's a great SMG that sees very little play as the C7E is such an outstanding AR that it's the most popular pick on Jackal. It makes sense for this gun to get used on a Defender, and I think Warden is the perfect candidate. Let's take a look at the base stats of these weapons:
Commando 9
Alda 5.56
Now compare those to the PDW:
Now I will add that I don't think Warden should get the PDW9 with the ACOG, but there's nothing about the PDW9 as a gun that would be imbalanced on defence and I would expect to see Warden's pick rate to improve with access to this gun as it incentivises the pick more.
For the way Warden is intended to be played, having a large capacity SMG makes sense since generally as an anchor you need to be able to lay down a lot of suppresive fire or pre-fire enemies, Maestro is a great example of this, and you don't want to be running dry as 3 enemies rush the site following a quick Ying flash barrage.
I really like Warden and have had a lot of fun playing him, but agree something needs to be done and when we look at Operator buffs Ubisoft has rolled out recently, Castle for example, we can see how eassily they can change an Operator's loadout by adding or removing weapon options so it stands to reason that this would be something that is fairly straight forward. I think more tweaks to his gadget are needed, but these also require more extensive testing where-as the addition of the PDW9 could be a relatively simple way of testing if a loadout buff to Warden could lead to a higher pick rate.
Let me know your thoughts, I've not really done much posting to Reddit so let me know if I should be doing something differently with these.
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2019.04.04 01:55 why_cant_i_be_happy this girl thinks her son owns my dog

ok, so me and my dog have been through a lot, but today, this was too much. I was going out with my boyfriend of five years. ( we are now married) and i couldn't find a dog sitter for the night. At that time, my 'friend' told me that she would sit if she could bring her son. let's call him e/k. e/m and e/k had come at 8:00, about the time we asked, and went into the house without saying hello. E/k had ran strait to the dog and started to play with it. E/m went to the couch and started to watch t.v. i was fine with that, but when i started to explain everything to her about the dog, she waved me off. me and (lets call him toby) toby sighed and went out of the room and got into our car.
(after the date)
i went home to see e/k and my dog, smoky, playing. i smile and the sight but when e/k pulled smokys tail, things got crazy. smoky started barking and ran behind me. E/m got up furios. and looked t her crying brat kid. she then screamed at me, " WHY IS MY BABY CRYING?!?!" i sigh, " your kid is crying because my dog got angry that he pulled her tail." i explain. " SO?!?!? HE WAS ONLY PLAYING!!" she shouts at me. i looked at her. " so its ok for me to pull your hair?" i ask. " NO!" she yells. " well why?" i ask " i would be only playing." my boyfriend giggles at this. " she stood up in fury. she then snatches my dog. " hey-what are you doing?" i ask. " its only fair if this dog made y sweetie pie cry, we get to have it!" she yells and dashed for the door. my Boyfriend blocks the door and says, " umm no. thats dognapping." she huffes in anger and sets down the dog. she then smirks and walks outside, whispers something to her son, and he starts screaming " GIVE IT BACK! GIVE MY DOGGY BACK!" lE/k keeps screaming and crying while toby calls the police. when the police come, E/m tells him a whole fake story. Me and toby had everything ready to prove to the police. a adoption certificate, pictures from years ago, pictures of smoky as a baby, and footage that toby secretly took while the whole thing was happening. E/M yells, " THERE LYING! THATS MY DOG! ITS MY CHILDS SERVISE DOG!" she screams loud enough to make it ecoh through the street. But the police have had enough of this crap. they told her so go home. she declinded and they had to take her home themselves.
you may think this is were she ends, right?
now, her and her son do whatever it takes to make our lives hell, and get that dog. even to this day!if you have any ideas of revenge, please tell me! i need to know to make her and her brat pay
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2018.04.18 12:48 yourstroll-y Discussion: Info about fresh news.

Hey guys.need your help.i just want to follow on twitter or other social servises some movie scoopers that give an info about DC movies. i want to be always up-to-date regarding new movie news from DC.can you help a movie fan or it is too confidential because i know just one but it is always good to know more?
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2017.12.08 20:51 hxcloud99 [EXPANSION] 10 Tishrei 2150, "Yom Kippur"

From the Weikli Qronikl of Our Peipl, the weekly news pamphlet of the Greit Arkaiv of Malkos:
Zan-men-de prosperus neishun celebreits the houliest deit of the qalendar. Sins taim imemorial, Yom Kippur, or historikali noun as the Dei of Utounment, has bein a steipl yeirli prektis of zan-men-de Jeuish brodhers and sisters. Everi yeir, old Jeuish qomiunitis gadherd in drouvs to atend sinagog servises and spend an entair dei in intens comiunikeishun with Him, ofentaims with nari a singl meil. With the qompleishun of the Hekal, or wat zan-men-de brodhers and sisters wud col The Therd Templ, zan-men hav fainali goten as clous to Him as is posibl in this era of Qreashun.
This dei is furdher punktueitd by the diskoveri of untapd gold and silver mains west of the North Bei of Air ekspanshun. A-n S-f qontinius to bles us with His Wisdum as He enjenders the reklameishun of the Oushanian West.
Translated from Oushanian Inglish:
Our prosperous nation celebrates the holiest date of the calendar. Since time immemorial, Yom Kippur, or historically known as the Day of Atonement, has been a staple yearly practice of our Jewish brothers and sisters. Every year, old Jewish communities gathered in droves to attend synagogue services and spend an entire day in intense communication with Him, oftentimes with nary a single meal. With the completion of the Hekal, or what our old brothers and sisters would call The Third Temple, we have finally gotten as close to Him as is possible in this era of Creation.
This day is further punctuated by the discovery of untapped gold and silver mines west of the North Bay of Eyre expansion. A-n S-f continues to bless us with His Wisdom as He engenders the reclamation of the Australian West.
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2017.09.21 09:26 gumbyxfit 3rd part of my new way of thinking

First of, I want to say thank you to the people who offered advice, guidance, experience, and tools for my life in this.
My SO from the previous posts is still at her training event for the military. In the last two weeks since my last post, we have been in this weird state of talking but not talking. A good portion of this is related to being able to talk schedule wise. Recently, I have found out she has been chatting with this person from her unit. Sending pictures ( says she hasn't sent any "actually" nude). Talking to a guy from her past. And hiding it all from me.
So, I attempt to clear the air (great idea of drunk me), so I tell her about thinking about other females sexually, my porn/masturbation habits, and a past same-sex experience that I havnt told anyoned else about.
It was after this when she told me about the photo sharing and more of a relationship feel. So my problem is this;
 She hid all of the conversations (text, chat, wicker, other servises) from me even when asked about them because I had a feeling something was off. She went to great lengths to keep her secret. Directly lying readily to convince me that nothing was going on. Attacked me emotionally and verbally for being acusational or snooping. Telling me she had nothing to hide and that I had full access (she knew she deleted the evidence) 
We had a great conversation for the first time today about this. Buy now I just don't know what to do or even fully think. I absolutely love her and want to heal what we have. This relationship she developed with this person it hurts and feels like a betrayal.
It makes me think that she was trying to use poly as a cover idea. We discussed a lot and she finally told me more details.
 Started by him 5 months prior. Asked her out to dinner over and over again. She agreeded but hadn't set a plan in stone. Would have been this month drill if she didn't go to this school. She talked to this person everyday, all day since then until about a week ago. Where he heard a lie about her past (I know it to be a lie) he "spitefully" made out with another female. She says he would get jealous when me and her would do something together, or she would go do anything with other men there. When they stopped talking, she felt hurt by it and cried. She doesn't know what would have happened if they did go on the date that they had set. She feels guilty about seeking attention from others and for having what ever it was (I don't think she fully sees this as a relationship) She says they havnt physically done anything in person or phone sex even but admits to sexual text messages ( says she didn't masturbate during these messages so it is different than sexting) half naked photos, (says no full nude but he had sent her some full ones). After we started talking about all of this 2 weeks ago, she kept talking to him every day. She started to "really like him" She says she "probably" wouldn't talk to him again like that. 
She is doing all of this while getting angry and hurt at me for my thoughts only. Thought I hadn't had any attention of putting to fruition.
So now I am left with more questions and thoughts. Can you guys help me?
I know I am posting in a poly group but just imagine that our boundaries are drawn by the thoughts of a mono relationship. So no lying, cheating, abuse, ect.
 This was cheating right? What next? Is she right for getting mad at my thoughts? Is she more unfaithful-mono or hidden-poly? Am I poly? This whole time the only problems I see in my look at it, is that she hid it, she has emotional feelings for this person she doesn't accept, and that she doesn't know what would have happened. It's like she couldn't control her actions as long as she got the attention. 
Thank you all for support.
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2017.02.06 09:43 Mariamtm Turkish man understanding advise. He doesn't likes some of my body parts.

I have been dating turkish man (22). He was very sweet, passionate, we known each other for more than a year now. First it was only friendly dating, turned sexual and now he became insisting to marriage (at least thats what he says). He is younger than me 5 years. He is Muslim im Christian. He introduced me to his friends, family. His family was against me first as i was not virgin, now they are neutral his mom was sweet when i visited theirs house last. First it was all amazing, although i was paying my own tickets gifts for all family and haven't got anything from him, it was all good until recently he said few things about my looks that i look older and not as sexy as i used to be. He insist i should do surgery on my nose to make it smaller and get silicone breast. And after he comes back from military servise, end of the year , he would want to marry me. I don't consider myself the most beautiful woman on earth but not ugly one either. Im 173 sm tall, 54 kg, fit, slim, dark blond waist long hair , blue eyes.. I'm not over freak to my looks but i do look after myself , now his words made me scared. How should i react and is it really he thinks to get married or just sexual relationship . Or what it is - im confused. Thanks
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2015.04.12 20:38 chich311 Question about my AECF contract

Sorry for my ignorance. I was at meps february 11th and I signed on AECF. Now my contract says "I am enlisting in the united states NAVAL RESERVE this date for 8 years and 0 weeks beginning in pay grade E-3 of which 4 years and 0 weeks is considered active duty obligation and 4 years and 0 weeks weeks be served in the reserve component of the servise in which I have enlisted." Now this confuses me because my buddy who is currently in the AECF (he enlisted november of 2012) Sayed that his contract said 6 years of active duty and two years reserve. The guy at meps that helped me pick my job sayed that was normal and added a $5k bonus. I signed on a piece of paper that had the two rates and the schooling and the location and said AECF on it. Please help me find out if this is legit. I don't want to get screwed over here.
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